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The Law Enforcement
 Job Background Investigation


One of the most common questions when applying for law enforcement jobs is how to pass

 the background investigation. Many applicants either get rejected or if they have been hired end up being terminated because they either provided false information on their background forms, or failed to disclose information.

That makes this even more unfortunate, especially for the applicant, is that had they been truthful with the information, that information would not have interfered with them getting hired. However, providing the false information was more serious than what they were trying to cover up.

 More about Law Enforcement Backgrounds

Should You Attend a Police Academy on Your Own?


Many Police Departments are now requiring those they hire to be already  "Certified"


As the competition increases between those trying to land a law enforcement job, many police and sheriff departments are taking the step of either requiring those who apply, or requiring those prior to being hired, to have graduated from a state certified law enforcement training academy


Learn if You should attend a Police Academy

Preparing for a Criminal Justice Jobs Career

Three main areas in preparing for a criminal justice jobs career are education, work experience, and personal characteristics. Become familiar with the different types of law enforcements jobs and what each requirement is. Programs which may be of benefit to you in personal learning and gaining experience are:

Explorer Programs

Reserve/Auxiliary Programs

What is Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Work Internships


Find the latest local, state, and federal

Criminal Justice Work Internships


Interviewing for criminal justice work