Criminal Justice Internships


There are a wide variety of law enforcement and criminal justice internships available through local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Many are designed for college students studying criminal justice or law enforcement. Colleges are often a source for arranging internships. Three steps to take in locating an internship include; *

  • Check with your college to find out if they work with internship programs
  • View the listings of internships contained on our directory
  • Contact any agency that is of interest to you and ask if they have internships

What are the benefits of an internship?

The selection process for an internship is competitive. Therefore, being selected is an accomplishment. It is an opportunity to get work experience with an actual law enforcement agency. Also, the skills and knowledge which you will develop can be a beneficial attribute when competing for criminal justice job openings. Lastly, it shows a true commitment to a career in law enforcement.


What types of internships are available?

The type of internship will be dependant upon the type of agency. If the agency does a significant amount of criminal intelligence, than most likely interns with that agency will also be involved with criminal intelligence. Interns will not carry firearms, make arrests, or be involved in potentially dangerous situations. Interns generally work in support roles for the law enforcement mission.


What if my internship is in another city?

Generally, travel expenses, housing and meals are the responsibility of the intern. There may be situations where the host agency provides some type of assistance. However, absent of knowing that, the applicant should plan on covering all costs associated with the internship.



The following Law Enforcement Agencies
offer Internship Programs


Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


Bureau of Prisons


Central Intelligence Agency


CIA National Clandestine Service


Department of Justice

Department of Justice — Director’s Internship Program, various locations


Federal Bureau of Investigation Honors Internship Program


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation — National Security Internship, Washington, D.C. (Future Opportunity) (PDF)


Federal Bureau of Prisons

Federal Bureau of Prisons — Summer Employment, Washington, D.C. and possibly various locations


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


United States Treasury Agencies


State Law Enforcement Agencies

Delaware State Police


Illinois State Police - IL


New York State Police


North Carolina State Highway Patrol Internship Program,000014,001976


University of California Irvine Police Department


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Local Law Enforcement Agencies



Chandler Police Department - AZ



Concord Police Department - CA


Hollywood Police Department - CA


Long Beach Police Department - CA


Los Angeles Police Department - CA


Sacramento Police Department - CA


San Diego Police Department - CA


San Francisco Police Department - CA


Santa Clara Police Department - CA



Boulder Police Department - CO


Fort Collins Police Department - CO



Hamden Police Department - CT



Delaware State Police - DE



Hollywood Police Department - FL


Miami-Dade Police Department - FL



Marietta Police Department - GA


Warner Robins Police Department - GA



Idaho State Police - ID



Chicago Crime Commission - IL


Decatur Police Department - IL


Peoria Police Department - IL



Carmel Police Department - IN


Indianapolis Police Department - IN



Ames Police Department - IA



Baltimore County Police Department - MD



Montgomery County Department of Police - MD



Fall River Police Department - MA


North Reading Police Department - MA


Portland Police Department - MA



Minneapolis Police Department - MN



St. Louis Police Department - MO



Lincoln Police Department - NE


Omaha Police Department - NE


New Jersey

Mahwah Police Department - NJ


New York

Rochester Police Department - NY


North Carolina

Greensboro Police Department – NC


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department - NC


Greensboro Police Department - NC


Statesville Police Department - NC



Portland Police Bureau - OR


Rhode Island

Westerly Police Department - RI


South Dakota

Rapid City Police Department - SD



Clarksville Police Department - TN



Austin Police Department -TX


Houston Police Department - TX


San Antonio Park Police - TX



Salt Lake City Police Department - UT



Alexandria Police Department - VA


Fairfax County Police Department - VA


James City County Police Department - VA



Lakewood Police Department - WA


Washington, DC

George Washington University Police Department – Washington, D.C.


Metropolitan Police Department - DC



Oshkosh Police Department - WI



If your agency has an Internship Program and you would like to be added to this list

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